Silvia Colombini
The Limes  Ensemble
A unique blend of belcanto, chamber music, tradition, eclecticism and theatricality
Silvia Colombini and ‘The Limes Ensemble’ began their collaboration back in April 2013 on the occasion of a long tour of China.
The Limes Ensemble is a newly-formed ensemble consisting of three young string players - Alessandro Marini (Violin) Alberto Petricca (Viola) and Francesco Marini (Cello) – as well as Maestro Luigi Pecchia (Piano) who is the founder of the group and composer of all the transcriptions that the group performs. The objective of the group is to bring together music of different cultures and styles combining them all in their own unique style.

In brief, here are the main features of Colombini/Limes concerts:
  1. A distinct sound identity: Silvia Colombini’s lyrical sensibilities – which stem from a long operatic career on stage – combined with a sensitive and more refined instrumental language of chamber music: all the pieces of music they perform are unpublished transcriptions and arrangements by Luigi Pecchia for Soprano and the ensemble instruments.
  2. A crossover programme: a multifaceted Soprano and a lover of experimentation, Silvia Colombini sings in eight different languages (Italian, French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Chinese) and masters a vast repertoire including arias from opera, operetta to chamber music, lieder, Italian art songs and art songs of other cultures as well as American songs. They group also have classical unpublished programmes that are solely operatic in nature being made up of arias from the worlds of opera and operetta. These are either rare or unpublished.
  3. Their performances are always semi-staged: the arias, lieder and songs are the result of an original creative stage/musical elaboration with Silvia Colombini. A singer, actress and stage director, Silvia manages to create a “live” dialogue built upon a “double language”: the spiritual language of music and the material language of the body and its movements.
  4. Surprise: All of the musicians are artistically versatile. The pianist is also a jazz musician, the cellist also plays electric guitar, the violist is a promising Tenor and Silvia used to be a professional violinist. This enables them to offer surprise encores with unexpected ‘role’ switches. During such encores Silvia sings and plays the violin whilst interpreting unpublished or rare music pieces that are sometimes specially commissioned for the occasion.
  5. The group carries out commissions for ‘themed’ concerts based on single musicians, cultural personalities, historical periods, musical styles, literary and philosophical issues.
Recordings of the group can be found at :  

The Dutch agency AMSTEL IMPRESARIAAT has recently taken on Colombini/Limes without exclusive rights.